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How To Style: Military Jackets

As part of our Neiman Marcus Fall Trends Series, we teamed up with style, fitness, and entrepreneurial auteur, Emily Hertz, from Born On Fifth to create a chic new style for one of our most vintage inspired designs, the Calf Length Midi Tutu. Together, we bumped up this style level from sweet to sassy with one of our favorite staple items: the military jacket. 

085 (1).jpg

First, we started with a fantastic base layer, we chose the ATM Long-Sleeve Crewneck Bodysuit in black. If you haven't entered the world of bodysuits in place of a tucked in tee, then you need to have your life change.. i.e. no more tugging and tucking just a perfectly smooth silhouette every time. Next, we paired our fabulous Calf Length Midi Tutu in Black. These two pieces alone created a beautiful and charming look that will leave everyone with a wonderful impression fo your chic style.

Pulling from her love of a well-crafted jacket, Emily chose this oversized camouflage parka from Alice + Olivia. It gives this feminine look an exquisite outward edge for a smart street style look. Plus, this jacket gives you the advantage of practicality in the coming chilly months. 

065 (1).jpg

A fantastic look needs a shoe to match, we choose a classic pointed toe heel with a bit of added texture from Stuart Weitzman. To finish the look with some finesse, we accessorized with these great lava bead bracelets from Mickey Lynn.

Thank you, Born On Fifth and Neiman Marcus for the fantastic look! 

Photography: Heidi Geldhauser Photography