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The Perfect Travel Outfit

The perfect travel outfit should be versatile enough to be appropriate for a multitude of events, but still, maintain comfort for a long day of commuting. The Full Bell Skirt in black is the perfect piece that allows you to have a little extra wiggle room while still being able to maintain a chic style. 

The most important rule for packing for a trip is to pack for the unexpected. Make sure to pack a light jacket so you're prepared for a chilly breeze. This multi-colored cardigan from Anthropologie is perfect to throw over your shoulders and light enough to stuff in your bag. Plus, it pairs perfectly with a chartreuse scarf, which adds another layer of comfort for the unexpected. 

A scarf is a practical way to accessorize your outfit while not taking up too much space in your pack. Another practical accessory is a wide brimmed hat. This will really make your outfit stand out while protecting you from intense UVs. 

The best part of this outfit is its ability to go from day to night. This white crop from Alice and Olivia is beautifully structured. It pairs perfectly with the Full Bell Skirt. The beauty of this outfit is its versatility. It's professional enough to wear to a meeting with clients or attend a formal event, but could even be worn for a night of dancing.  

The flattering nature of the Full Bell Midi will have you feeling confident for any occasion. You'll be ready to see the sights and even pose for a few snaps in this gorgeous travel outfit.