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Infinite Circles of Tulle

Fierce and fearless females, that's who we design for and that's who catches our eye. So, when we saw Rachel Sullivan (@danceswithcircles) through the daily scroll of Instagram, we instantly fell in love. 

Rachel celebrated the northeastern snowfall this week by channeling her inner snow queen and dancing out her whimsy heart. She looks like a dream in bountiful white tulle, translucent white tights, squeaky clean white booties, and a taupe short sleeve knit shirt. Plus! We love the old school vibes of her off-white circle cape and taupe baret. (We are calling for a come-back.)

Rachel breaks boundaries and consistently challenges the norm by taking a classic piece associated with a prima ballerina and incorporating it into her modern dance routine. She exudes confidence, grace, and great knowledgeability of her art form. 

As a company that found itself initially inspired by dance, it is beautiful to see progressive females finding the value in a timeless piece and having fun incorporating it in a modern form. 

Watch Rachel Sullivan's video on instagram for the full effect, here! 



Photo/Video Credit: Rachel Sullivan @danceswithcircles on Instagram.

This was not a sponsored video.