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Stand Out Look- Homecoming

Shop our Maxi Tutu in Blush and pair it with our favorite items below. 

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With the semester back in session and the first home game nearing, it's time to start planning your homecoming look! It can be difficult to find a homecoming dress that suits your style when most department stores feature the same dresses. So in order to get a stand out look for your unique style- you have to get a little creative. We tailored a look that will make you look completely glamorous for a crisp fall night.

To recreate this look, we suggest starting with a bold textured top like this beautifully beaded tank. Then, choose something you can throw over your shoulders easily if you get a chill. This light weight faux fur jacket adds a bit of extravagance without breaking the bank. The look of the top and jacket go perfectly with the Maxi Tulle Skirt in Blush, which beautifully frames your waist and hips. Next, we picked out squared off heels with an adorable boho inspired ankle strap, so we don't absolutely kill our feet. Top off the look with a statement bangle that makes you feel chic. 

The beauty of this look is the opportunity to customize it to fit your individual style. Play with colors and textures to let your personality shine through. 

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Photo: Cat & Zach Photography

Model: Regan