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Outfit of the Day - Close to Your Closet

Shop our Signature Tutu in Navy to get this look. Pair it with your favorite items below.

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The best thing about a statement piece? You can pair it with the simplest items in your closet and make a masterpiece. With the right combination, there’s no need to spend a dime on additions to your tulle skirt tutu (and if you do end up spending a few bucks, these basic pieces will be the ones you find yourself wearing again and again). Shown here, our Signature Tutu in Navy can be transformed into a relaxed look when paired with this plaid button-down and few simple accessories. The blue of the skirt is brought into the top as the main color, with pops of red, yellow, and white as neutrals. To make for a tamer look, simply add a white tank underneath and pile on the layers. A chambray shirt works equally as well as the plaid; just make sure to tuck in or tie the shirt at the waist to add shape to your figure. Finally, functioning as a pop of glamour and matching the formality of the skirt, a dangling necklace acts as a subtle and classy attention grabber underneath the collar. In a matter of minutes of searching through your existing wardrobe, you can create an effortless outfit that will draw all eyes to you.

Photos by:: Our Labor of Love - Heidi G

Model::: Jessica

Hair and Makeup::  Claudie Mejerle Rogers