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Pairing Your Tutu with Bridal Separates

We’ve all known it since we were little girls in grade school. Pairing two pieces of an outfit together is an art, a craft, and a thoughtful, detailed process that merges the commonalities of clothing. Most importantly, it lets us express who we are as individuals. By mixing and matching, you’ve made yourself to be what you’ve always dreamed. Now it’s time to plan your special day, and choosing bridal separates can help you be that unique you! Unlike a one-piece gown that can leave brides loving one half and hating the other, bridal separates give you the opportunity to choose your favorite aspects of a design without having to compensate.

Shop our Full Tulle Skirt Gown in Ivory and our Maxi Tulle Tutu in White to get this look. Pair it with your favorite items below.

Get the Look

Our Full Tulle Skirt Gown adds just the right amount of drama and is perfect for any statement bride! The flowing skirt pairs perfectly with lace and cocktail tops that can add curves. An impeccable fit will follow the polished and chic aspects of the skirt, giving you an elegant look.

With our Maxi Tulle Tutu, more shape is added to the bottom half, so looser fitting tops and tanks can make for a breezy and relaxed style. To amp up the formalness, add simple jewelry that accent the clothing pieces but don’t draw attention away from them. The result will be a natural, light ensemble with a romantic twist.

Truly, the beauty in bridal separates is the way to make it your own. Whatever material, pattern, detail, or color you chose to pair with your tutu, design a look that shows off the best version of yourself. Your gown may be going separate ways, but the look will be all you!

Photos by: Our Labor of Love

Models: Andrea Tkac; Jessica McCauley

Hair and Makeup: Shawna Maharaj