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Tween Outfit of the Day - Girly or Not

Shop our Tween Maxi Tulle Skirt in Grey to get this look. Pair it with your favorite items below.

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A little girl’s style can be many things—girly, edgy, fun, bright, or calm. Why shouldn’t she have a statement skirt that can be all of those things too? With this Tween Maxi Tulle Skirt in Grey, you can hone in on her delicate side and also find a way to pair it with her lively spirit, exuded through some adorable accessories. A graphic tee with sequins adds a pop of color and sparkle to perk up the ensemble. Paired with a jean jacket or vest, you can carry the neutrals of the tutu up to the top, balancing with the shirt. A finishing touch of metallic sandals contrasts with the lightness of the skirt, but also creates a cohesive look with the shine in the top, highlighting your little girl’s glowing personality. The result is an outfit perfect for a summer party, shopping day with mom, or dinner with some friends.

Photos by: Heidi

Model: Ava Layne

Hair and Makeup: Leah Carmichael