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Something New

We love working with our clients! So, when Lisa, a recently engaged CSI living in Orlando, contacted us for a very important project - designing her engagement outfit - we couldn't have been more excited! Our designer, Rebecca, worked directly with Lisa to help create a beautiful and totally one-of-a kind skirt for her. Read on to learn more about Lisa's customization process as well as her big day! 

When and where are you getting married? 

January 13, 2017. The wedding is at Bella Collina, it's in Monte Verde, Florida. It's a Tuscan inspired country club. It has a rolling hills that look like Tuscany. It's really a venue that speaks for its self. 

Where were your engagement photos taken? 

Actually, the same place that we are having the wedding. The property is so large that we were able to go to places we wouldn't be able to go to on our wedding day to take pictures.  It was just too beautiful to pass up to not use for engagement photos. 

What is the inspiration behind your engagement photos?

I was looking up pictures and using sites like Pinterest for inspiration. I kept seeing the trend of the tulle skirt come into play. It was something that kept catching my attention. 

Are you using the tulle look in your wedding? 

Yes, I have my bridesmaids in tulle. They're going to be wearing dresses with a tulle overlay to give it that light-feeling

Why did you choose a custom Tutu Moi skirt for the engagement shoot?

There were a decent amount of sites I looked at for a tulle skirt, but a lot of them were such large companies that it was nice to be able to contact Rebecca directly and actually have a conversation with her. I really like that I was able to talk to someone and say, "This is what I want. How do you think that will look?" It was a very personal connection to be able to make my skirt for my pictures. I like that everything was very hands-on from [Tutu Moi] and my end. I felt like I was dealing with a personal company that really cared about their product. [Tutu Moi] took the time to actually talk to [me]. 

Which Tutu Moi style did you choose and why?

I liked the knee length one because it's young and fresh. It's a fun length! My colors for our wedding are rose and blush so I wanted to incorporate our colors into the skirt, which is why I did the pink underlay with the champagne tulle over it. Outside, in the sun, the color was picked up so nicely.

What is your personal style? 

It's hard to say because I have to wear a uniform to work everyday! It's not often I get to dress up, ya know? I'm a Crime Scene Investigator for the Sheriff's office so I wear my polo and work boots just about everyday. So I would say when it is time to dress up for the weekend or going out to a nice dinner, I tend to dress trendy, but still a classic look.  It's nice to be in sundresses, skirts, and something other than what I'm used to wearing all the time. My fiance was caught off guard when I showed up to the shoot in the tutu - it was a nice surprise for him! 


Where did you get the rest of the items you wore in the shoot? 

I [added] a nude colored pump and a white lace crop top. It was nice, because where the skirt touched  just the bottom of the top. It was feminine and fun. The crop top was from Morning Lavender and the shoes are from DSW.

How did you feel in your engagement photo outfit? 

It made me feel fun and flirty and romantic. It made me want to find another place to wear it. I was just like "Oh! Where can we go next?"

How will you wear your custom skirt in the future? 

Honestly, I like how it looks with a crop top and sleeve-less shirt. I like how in the fall [I can] wear it with a long sleeve or a cute sweater. I'll probably wear it again for a fancy engagement party or a nice event. I'm thinking about even wearing it again for my rehearsal dinner for the wedding. I definitely will keep the piece for a long time. I think it's one of those things that you always have in your closet. You don't necessarily know what event is coming up, but it's one of those pieces you'll always be able to pull out and it will always look nice to wear again. 

We are so ecstatic that we were able to provide Lisa a meaningful piece she will be able to keep forever. We are so thankful she sat down with us to chat about her special day. We wish Lisa and her fiance the happiest of days! 

Photography: William Arthur