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A Polished Patriot

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Most women have a petrifying fear of wearing a true Independence Day outfit, and understandably so. Pairing the bold combination of red and blue can turn into a tacky, messy disaster if you’re not careful. Although with this Navy Tulle Signature Skirt, you can embody a classic look that gives you permission to leave any and all stars and stripes apparel at home. This eyelet top carries the light, graceful look of the tutu up to the neckline, balancing with the heavy color tones of the outfit. The key to the duo lies in the variations from true red and true blue. Instead, the outfit is based on muted red and navy, which makes the combination easier on the eye. A camel-colored wristlet adds a pop of neutral, plus a whole lot of convenience. For a finishing touch, pair the outfit with beige or taupe wedges to complete a clean-cut, timeless look.

Photo by: Our Labor of Love

Model: Amy Stafford

Hair and Makeup: Leah Carmichael