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The Balancing Act - Lay Baby Lay

Joni Lay is a blogger, nursery designer, mother, and encourager. The superstar Atlanta native writes about motherhood, graphics, and encouragement in order to share in her experience and offer support for other mothers. In one of her recent blog posts, Joni featured a post highlighting Tutu Moi! “Backyard Mother’s Day Tea Party” uses the photography of Alea Moore to document an afternoon with Lay’s three daughters near their home. 

Lay writes that post-third child, her insecurities about her body were at their height, which caused some hesitancy when trying on her tutu for the first time; however, when the girls saw their mom in a matching tulle skirt, they were thrilled that the woman who is usually the one taking pictures would be in on all the fun. Not to mention, the flattering shape of the tutu could put Joni at ease (and while tutus are often pegged as being made for little girls, our women's styles are made just for your figure).. As the blogger discusses her three girls and their journey growing up, she emphasizes her facilitation in creating strong bonds of love in her daughters. “It’s special to have a team of sisters to defend, lean on, and love,” Joni said about a girl-powered household. 

In sharing her understanding on the balancing act of mother, businesswoman, and wife, she reminds us “As long as we are making it through, and making memories at the same time, I’d say we are succeeding.” 

Thanks to Joni for sharing her sweet posts on the immense, but unexplainably rewarding job of motherhood, and for including Tutu Moi in her story! Check out our Mother Daughter Matching Tutu Sets to see more of Joni and the girls’ look!