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Tutu Moi Make Its Debut on Fox's hit TV Show - Scream Queens

Did you catch the latest episode of Fox's hit TV Show, Scream Queens?  If not, {SPOILER ALERT!!!}, Ariana Grande's ghost, aka - Chanel No. 2, returns from the dead, making a visit to old friend, Chanel No. 1.  (Apparently, Chanel No. 2 is horrified to learn that there are no dinosaurs in hell!)  And while we were also shocked to hear that there are no dinosaurs in hell, we were very much excited to catch Chanel No. 2 making her debut in Tutu Moi, wearing our Overlay Midi Tutu in Purple in this episode!  

FUN FACT :  Chanel No. 2 got really creative with our Overlay Midi Tulle Tutu Skirt, and wore it BACKWARDS, highlighting our signature pearl button detail.  >>>SHOP ARIANA GRANDE'S DESIGNER TULLE SKIRT


Not only is this show the latest cliff-hanger to binge watch, its costume designers have clearly nailed the wardrobe for these ladies, quickly rising to the top of every fashion blog and style magazine.  Entertainment Weekly even wrote a feature on this hit series, with the catchy phrase, "Fear and Clothing".  We couldn't agree more.  

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