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The Authority on Tutus. A Q&A with Tutu Moi Designer, Rebecca Shady.

As you get to know us, you'll hear us say we are "the authority on the tutu".  Sure, there are other people creating tutus out there, but we wanted to take a minute to chat with our founder and designer, Rebecca Shady, so you could understand a little bit more about what inspired the collection here at Tutu Moi. Read what she had to say below.  

rebecca shady tutu moi designer

What makes a Tutu Moi different than any other tutu? 

Rebecca:  I'm so glad you asked!  It really comes down to our fit, our materials, and our styles.  We take a classic silhouette but allow for a modern fit so that the skirts are relevant to today's styles.  This allows our customers to take a tutu and make it their own, no matter the style or the occasion.  Secondly, one of the biggest differences between our tutus and so many of the ones out on the market today is the quality.  This is not a costume piece, its a staple in your wardrobe that is meant to last year after year.  You will not find any elastic waistbands around here!  (Those definitely have a time and place, but generally, we tend to stay away from them when we aren't attending a feast or heading to the gym!)  Our tutus are sized and made-to-order for a custom fit and are tailored with a quality zipper closure. We also source our fabrics using high quality satins and tulle, versus some of the  netting and shears you may find out there. I am constantly striving to make our pieces better and better in design and construction.  And finally, we keep a classic fit and shape on most of our silhouettes.  You’ll see slight variations in our designs that differ from others out on the market -  a subtle poof at the hip, a carefully constructed hemline, or or a slightly elongated cut to allow the drape of the fabric to fall just right. AND, we have more designs in the works that I’m excited to share soon.

Why are you so in love with tutus?

Rebecca:  I grew up a dancing, so there is just a level of respect for a tutu that you acquire when you are in the studio.  You get your first tutu at your first recital, and each year, you look forward to that new tutu as your skill grows and your performances become more artistic. A tutu is timeless and morphs you into whatever state of mind you're in.  As I grew up (and I realized I was not the dancer I had hoped to become) I began teaching dance and putting together choreography.  Part of the choreography is channeling a feeling - not only through the the music and the steps, but the outfit.  It puts the final touch on any performance - romantic, flirty, sassy, powerful, slouchy. And really, doesn't that just resonate with our daily lives?  Your outfit can (and often does) channel whatever it is that you are feeling in that moment.  Who wouldn't love a piece that let's them be whatever they want to be?

How would you describe your personal style?

Rebecca:  Timeless. And I know a lot about clothes that are NOT timeless!  I am one of 4 girls in my family.  And my mother loved her "hand me downs"!  My mother took pride in how she dressed us, and she usually did a good job, but I am the middle child, and 3 years younger than my older sister.  So, by the time I got her clothes (which were usually hand me downs themselves), they were oftentimes "out of style".  But, they were good, quality clothes, and my mother was not letting them rot in a closet somewhere!  So, I was always trying to find ways to pair an old "out of fashion" skirt with a new piece to make it look "in style" and timeless for my body shape (which was different than my older sister's) . I drove my mother crazy - it used to take me an hour sometimes to pick out my outfits each night for school the next day. 

To this day, I'm usually wearing a "new" piece with something I've had in my closet for years.   I tend to purchase things that will age well and will easily pair with more than one item I already have.  And that's definitely one reason I have such an affinity for the tutu.  I can pretty much add a tutu to anything in my closet - tanks, jackets, button downs, silk, sweaters, blazers.  I love mixing the texture of the tulle with other fabrics.  Tulle never gets old or dated. 

In time, my knack for putting together outfits and making what I had "work" and my appreciation for the tutu fell together.  

What do you say to those that would love to wear one of your tutus but don't think its "their style" or don't think they can pull it off?  

Rebecca:  This is the most common question I get. [smiles and laughs].  If you want to wear a tutu, you most certainly can.  But I always tell people, you have to style them with styles that you already have in your closet.  Do you typically wear a big full skirt? You'll likely want to wear our full bell tutu.  Likewise, if you wear a lot of maxi skirts or dresses, you're going to love our maxi tutu.  I challenge most customers to try our tutus with something they would typically wear, something that is already in their closet - like one of their favorite tanks, or that staple leather jacket you've had for years.  Make it fun, but keep it YOU.  (This is also how our logo was derived YOUR TUTU.)  I have had a lot of friends over the years come over to "play" in my closet.  They think they can try on my tutus with my clothes and somehow they will feel just as comfortable in them as I look in mine.  And a lot of the time, they do.  But, usually those people have a similar aesthetic or personal style as myself.  

Some customers say tutus aren't flattering on them and there's no way they can pull them off.  They think "poufy" makes them look bigger or sometimes they think they get lost in all the tulle.  We've got styles for every body shape and for each style, the silhouette that the tulle creates flatters different body shapes.  But all our styles accentuate your waist and are the most flattering styles for most women's shape.  Tried and true, timeless skirt silhouettes are the inspiration for each of our styles.  For instance, if you don't like "poufy" around your waist, check out our Full Bell Skirt, where the "pouf" is towards the bottom of the skirt, creating an exaggerated A-Line skirt.  For others that like a little "pouf" but not too much, our Signature Skirts can create an hourglass shape starting at the waist.  Our Signature style is our most popular style, and perfect for not only creating curves, but hiding them!  I personally am a little bigger through the hips and thighs, so I love that the signature skirt evens me out up top and hits right at my knee, where my legs start to lean out!