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Room for Turkey

It's almost time for turkey! Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with loved ones, giving thanks, and of course enjoying that massive feast. So remember to give yourself some room to feel comfortable, but still accomplish an adorning holiday outfit. 

Thanksgiving is not a day to adorn a tight and restrictive look, but it's always a great opportunity to dress up! An oversized ornate sweater is perfect for the day. With plenty of room for feasting, you'll enjoy the dressy comfort of this knit poncho.  Layer a long tasseled statement necklace over your sweater to add a bohemian vibe to your relaxed look.

For a flowing and billowing skirt, we recommend one of our newest arrivals, the Full Tulle Skirt Gown in White. This skirt offers all the billowiness of our gowns and of course absolutely no bloat. For Thanksgiving, there's not reason to kill your feet. We recommend going with some comfortable stylish booties in a neutral putty- a subtle contrast to the light grey and white. Lastly, we love the look of these raw agate teardrop earrings to complete our look.