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Pair It With Long Sleeves

The air is chilled and the leaves are crunchy! It’s time to start layering for the season and what better way than to start with your basic layer. We paired four tutus with our favorite go-to long sleeves that makes getting ready and looking classy a breeze. 

We started with a classic since grade school, the white long sleeve. Opt for silk or cotton depending on the occasion, just make sure to pair it with your favorite statement skirt! This bronzy gold is perfect for the quickly approaching holiday season. The second look, a more stylish skinny horizontal stripe goes perfectly with a contrasting signature tulle skirt in black. Appropriate for the office or happy hour drinks, you’ll feel fresh and chic.

For the third look, get a little playful with a mock-boyfriend plaid shirt and lively color tutu like navy. Perfect for a weekend day look, or a relaxed dinner night with friends. For the last look, get a little cozy with a soft thin sweater perfect for a wet and chilly day. We love the idea of using different hues of the same color to get a polished finished. This look is sure to impress for any function! 

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