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This is Halloween

It's finally October, and we could not be more pleased! It's our favorite time of year, for good reason: pumpkin patches, changing leaves, and of course, Halloween! We have put together our favorite Halloween costumes ranging from the classics to some new fresh looks. So skip the party store, and put together an original look for your spooky night. 

Black Swan

This is a powerhouse costume that will make you stand out at any party. To accomplish this dark dancer look, we suggest pairing one of our Full Bell Midi Tutu in Black or Signature Tutu in Black with a delicate skinny tank or silk bodice. For those who are crafty, try hot gluing an array of black feathers from any craft store to the top of your bodice for an authentic look. Don't forget to slick back your hair to a sleek dancer's bun and top it off with a crown fit for a feathered queen. Finally, if you have a creative hand to achieve the dramatic makeup, you can be channeling Natalie Portman in no time. 

Grace Kelly 

Want to be Monaco's sweetheart? Achieve sophistiation while maintaining a creepy edge by replicating this look from the classic Hitchcock thriller, Rear Window. Start with creating the right silhouette with the Full Bell Midi in Ivory. Find a scoop neck or heart shaped black shirt that shows off a peak of your shoulders. Add the right accessories like white gloves, a strand of faux pearls, and high heels. Next keep your makeup and hair simple yet nicely coiffed. 

Spider Queen

One of our favorite looks on this list, the Spider Queen has that classic spooky flair, but is also off the beaten path of normal ghoulish wears. We created a similar look with our Full Tulle Skirt Gown in Silver along with a grey or silvery top. Create your headdress by using silver tulle from the craft store that can be shaped and glued to a headband or hat. Next add an extra-large creepy fake spider to your veil. Top off the look with pale-grey makeup and gothic looking costume jewelry.  

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City 

Own your city in this girly spin off of a pop icon. This is probably one of the easier looks to accomplish, but doesn't lack attitude! We recommend using the Full Bell Midi Tutu in White or Signature Tutu in Ivory paired with a faint pink tank top and some rocking heels. Keep the make up light and don't be afraid to give your hair some big messy curls! 

Marilyn Monroe 

The Marilyn Halloween costume, numerously replicated but never like this! Most Marilyn portrayals depict her in her infamous sexy white dress from the Seven Year Itch. But recreate this more vulnerable and authentic depiction from Milton Greene's portraits. We recommend achieving this look with the Maxi Tulle Skirt in White or Full Tulle Skirt Gown. When choosing your top, we recommend a white silk bodice with some structure that will mimic the sweetheart neckline. For makeup and hair, stick to her iconic look: red lips with a dark cat eye eyeliner and signature rolled out super blond hair.