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Girls' Shopping Day

What is your perfect day? A full afternoon at the spa? A movie marathon? Sometimes the best days are when you don't have to do much of anything at all! 

For us, we like to spend it with our closest friends. Your city on a lovely day is the best scenery for a long walk and causal perusing. Some great conversations and light-hearted picture taking can be the cure all for a stressful week. 

You don't have to wear a ball gown shopping, but you don't have to feel like a schlub either. Sometimes feeling great is looking the part as well. So, for a fun girls' shopping day, why not dress to the nines with your best friend? Our Full Bell Midi is one of our most gorgeous and flattering styles of tulle. Pair it with any cotton contrasting top, and look amazing walking down the street. 

Don't feel girly enough in your Full Bell Midi, yet? Just take a little twirl! These skirts are specially designed to move with you. The light and airy flounce makes for a perfect sweeping skirt. Wear it everywhere and take advantage of the fun photo opportunity to show your moves. 

You'll look amazing walking away as well! The beauty is in the finer details of our design. Each one of our Midi Tutus features a beautiful pearl button at the closure. A unique detail that will leave you absolutely loving this design. 

It's important to note that clothes are pieces we live our life in. A special piece in our coset doesn't just make us feel great in the moment, but also collects memories. So, make a simple day with your friend a big event! 


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